Enrichment Centre

We work holistically with our students providing both academic and social/emotional support.

Hillbrook Enrichment Centre

Hillbrook has an array of students with diverse learning needs. We believe in building student capacity and for all students to become independent learners, so they can become successful senior students and future adults.

Our expectation is that students will work towards studying 6 subjects in Years 11 and 12 and ATAR eligibility. The content covered in the classroom reflects the ACARA curriculum expectations and as such students would be working on the expected Year 7 (or relevant entry year) content across all subjects and in most cases assessed at this year level.

Following are the types and level of support that we can offer to assist students with their academic pathway at Hillbrook.

Literacy and Numeracy Enhancement (LANE) Program

  • Year 7 LANE – Students are invited to withdraw from their language elective (3 x 40-minute lessons per week in Year 7) to access literacy or numeracy support in small groups numbering no more than 12 students.
  • Year 8 & 9 LANE – is offered as an elective subject, that students choose as part of their subject selection. Year 8 students attend 3 x 40-minute lessons per week and Year 9 students attend 4 x 40-minute lessons per week.
  • The LANE program is offered to students in addition to the usual Mathematics and English classes, with the aim to improve studentapps organisational, literacy and numeracy skills. Engaging with a LANE class helps participating students feel more confident when preparing for their Senior years.

Enrichment Centre

  • The Enrichment Centre is open during all breaks, before school and for Study Club each Wednesday morning before school. Students are welcome to access learning support (such as assistance with organisation and assignment writing) during these times.
  • Depending on staff availability, the Enrichment Centre can be used as a place of ‘rechargeapp for students if they need a place to de-stress or self-regulate app both during class time and during lunch times.

Emotional and Social Supports

  • Any learning or wellbeing concerns in the first instance are managed by the Home Teachers, Class Teachers, and if needed further, by the Year Coordinators. Students who require significant emotional and social support can access our Head of Student Wellbeing and School Counsellors.

Access Arrangements and Reasonable Adjustments (AARA) for exams / assessment

  • AARA – Students who have significant additional learning needs and/or a formal diagnosis are eligible for reasonable adjustments (eg. extra time, rest breaks, use of a computer). This is commonly known as AARA and is mainly for exams, with many students completing assessments in the Enrichment Centre.

Individual Learner Profile (ILP)

  • An Individual Learner Profile (ILP) is prepared for students, in consultation and collaboration with staff and parents/caregivers. ILPs are used for students who have a formal diagnosis or require significant adjustments, and are given to their classroom teachers to assist in understanding the learning and/or social-emotional impacts of the diagnosed condition; the profile also lists reasonable adjustments that teachers can use to support the student in the classroom.

In-class Support and playground/Outdoor Education Supports

  • A member of the Enrichment team attends one 80-minute English lesson, one 80-minute Global and one 80-minute Maths lesson per week per Home Class to provide in-class support. This support is provided for all students in the class. At times this support may be disrupted if the team member is required to supervise exams in Learning Enrichment or attend to other unforeseen circumstances. Where we are able to, one-on-one support may be provided.
  • Our teachers are timetabled at each break time in the school grounds to provide supervision for student safety.
  • Teachers of the Outdoor Education Department, together with the Home or Class teachers oversee all Outdoor Education activity days and camps.

Assistive Technology

  • Students are frequently able to use their laptops and assistive technology. Those students with an appropriate diagnosis may use their laptops instead of handwriting tasks in exams.

Transition to High School

  • The Enrichment centre assist students with transition visits and support during Term 4 to assist with the move from their primary school into the Hillbrook community.

Other supports available within the school include:

  • Maths and Science tutoring are offered through the Mathematics and Science departments one afternoon per week.
  • Many classroom resources and additional information can be accessed by students and their parents 24/7 via our main learning management system: Online@Hillbrook
  • Year 7 Personal & Spiritual Development (PSD) and Home Class programs specifically support students to make the transition to high school; this includes assisting students with organizational skills.
  • Some assignment tasks are completed at school and students can access teacher support and feedback during class time.

2024 Enrichment Centre Teachers

We look forward to meeting parents and students and can be contacted either by telephone 3354 3422 or by email.

For Year 7 and 8 students – contact Paul

For Year 9 and 10 students – contact Emma

For Year 11 and 12 students – contact Christel

The Enrichment Centre can also provide:

Academic and Organisational Skills

  • Time management techniques to meet
    test/assignment deadlines
  • Organization of study diaries and notebooks
  • Access to a variety of resources
  • Assistance with understanding criteria sheets and getting started with assignments

Exam Preparation

  • Study skills, habits and timetables
  • Exam strategies
    (which question first, pacing, types of responses, multiple choice techniques)

Organisation of AARA

(Access Arrangements and Reasonable Adjustments)

  • Applications for and provision of AARA for exams (change of venue, reader, explanation of terms, extra time, use of laptop). Students must have documentation from specialists (such as psychologists, psychiatrists, paediatricians) to enable this level of support.
  • Facilitating applications for special consideration for NAPLAN and ATAR.
  • Support during unexpected events app eg. broken arms, family matters and other special circumstances

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