Drama at Hillbrook

What We Believe

Drama provides our students with a medium for exploration, celebration and entertainment. It enables students to understand themselves and the world around them through the examination of contemporary issues and responding to dramatic scripts and performances.

Drama offers broad co-curricular opportunities that compliment the work performed in the classroom and also helps develop life skills they can apply to other situations such as:

  • learning to work in a team
  • building self discipline and time management
  • enhancing personal confidence
  • building self esteem
  • developing physical coordination
  • accepting responsibility for their own progress
  • providing the opportunity to be creative and expressive.

When we asked our students how Drama has helped them in other areas of their life, this is what some of them had to say:

  • It nurtures a more creative outlook on tasks
  • Drama has taken away the nerves from delivering oral presentations.
  • Learning the skill of improvisation has given me further confidence in social situations
  • I have definitely become more confident in myself and it keeps getting easier to perform in front of people in other subjects such as music or Japanese.
  • Public speaking and social skills, as well as being able to easily adapt to unexpected situations.

Drama has built my confidence. It helps me to think on my feet and apply active problem solving.

Oliver, Year 11

Is Drama just acting? Drama does involve acting, but doing Drama at Hillbrook has introduced me to other aspects of theatre, such as directing. This is something I have enjoyed and look forward to doing more of in the future.

Sarah, Year 10

Hillbrook's purpose

app Musical

Every two years Hillbrook stages a musical which can only be described as a production of enormous proportions.

Over 100 students take part from a variety of year levels. Performed to sell out audiences, Hillbrookapps musicals have gained the respect and recognition from dramatists as being professional and memorable productions. Past musicals such as Matilda the Musical, Annie, The Addams Family, The Wizard of Oz, Grease, Pirates of Penzance, The Boyfriend and Beauty and the Beast have been one of the highlights of many studentsapp life at Hillbrook.

We hope you enjoy a looking back at some of our recent musicals here.

“I regard the theatre as the greatest of all art forms, the most immediate way in which a human being can share with another the sense of what it is to be a human being”
Oscar Wilde

Students are involved in a wide range of drama activities and productions that run throughout the calendar year and are well supported by students, teachers and parents alike.

We encourage our students to involve themselves in opportunities such as Theatre Sports, Basement Arts (Hillbrookapps student/teacher based theatre company) and Drama Festivals. Hillbrook Drama also invites professional local and international artists to share their skills and in turn, engage our students in modern contemporary practices.

Projects supported by Hillbrook Staff and Students

Childhood Cancer Support

Brightening the lives of rural families living in Brisbane while their child goes through treatment.

Raw Impact

Working with Raw Impact to help communities in Australia and Cambodia who are often unseen and unheard.

Anglicare Backpack Challenge

How the simple gift of a backpack filled with personal items can make a difference to a child in need.

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