Empowering parents through learning forums

At Hillbrook, we come together as a community believing that we each can make a positive difference.

The Hillbrook community strives to nurture this possibility in each young person throughout the years of growth, physically, academically, spiritually, socially and emotionally.

Leading the way with optimism and strength are Hillbrook parents, who hold the ultimate responsibility in nurturing young people and setting the example of Hillbrookapps values and a commitment to the possibility in each young person.

This is why Parents.Learning exists: to empower parents through expert knowledge and collective wisdom as together we support the growth of our young people.

To achieve this, Parents.Learning delivers a series of forums each year on topics relevant to adolescent growth and development.

At these forums, parents have to opportunity to:

  • draw upon the knowledge of leading experts on developmental stages and social and emotional issues impacting our young people;
  • benefit from the collective wisdom of the parent community whose experience and perspective equips other parents with practical strategies and insights to add to their toolkit; and
  • refresh parents with a spirit of optimism, a commitment to inclusivity and a balanced perspective as both parents and young people grow during their time at Hillbrook.

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