Uniform Shop

Hillbrook Basement Arts performance

The Uniform Company has been a proud supplier of quality uniforms to Hillbrook for over 20 years and they operate both the Campus Shop and an Online Shop. .

Emma Cherry manages the Uniform Shop and is assisted by our wonderful parent volunteers.

Uniform Shop Location

Head down the stairs to the left of Reception and keep walking left. The Uniform Shop is located right next to the Cafe. You don’t need to sign in at Reception before heading to the Uniform Shop.

Uniform Options

In keeping with our motto ‘In Balance We Grow’, our students can choose from a selection of uniform options. Please click on each image to see the full selection.

Support the Circular Economy

If you would like to buy second hand uniforms, or if you have some uniforms to sell or giveaway, our is the place for you. If you have any old uniforms that cannot be resold, please bring them to the Uniform Shop and we will pass them onto our recycling partner where they will be turned into other useful products, instead of landfill.

Telephone Number

07 3354 6456 (during opening hours only)

Uniform Shop Hours

Tues: 7:00-11:00am

Wed: 12.00-4:00pm

Thurs 7:00-11:00am

The uniform is an expression of our community, designed to ensure appropriate levels of flexibility and safety, as well as providing garments appropriate to our workplace. It removes the potential for peer pressure regarding uniform choice, while maintaining a degree of personal choice.

Our Uniform Policy has been designed to assist students to make appropriate decisions about their presentation and grooming, to enhance the personal dignity of the student and to promote the identity of the school in the wider community. We are seeking to balance the individual rights of students with their responsibility as ambassadors and members of the Hillbrook community.

The wearing of the uniform or any other presentation and grooming choice should not be a fashion statement. We also expect all students to make a respectful decision in their choice of uniform options.

The foundation students of the school were involved in selecting uniform styles. Through the Student Representative Council, students have continued to be involved in changes, modifications and updates.

Today I shall behave, as if this is the day I will be remembered.

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