Student Leadership

Hillbrook Enrichment Centre

Leadership by many, not just a few

We believe everyone can and should have the opportunity to ‘lead from where they are’. This is why student leadership here at Hillbrook is a right and a responsibility that all students share.

From Year 7, all students have increasing levels of responsibility and participate in a variety of experiences where they can discover leadership talents they may not know they have. These include community service projects, social justice issues, organising activities, fundraising, taking the lead at school events, mentoring and tutoring other students and, in Year 12, negotiating an individual area of senior responsibility and leadership.

Student Representative Council

There are no prefects and school captains at Hillbrook. Each year students select two representatives from each Home Class to serve on the Student Representative Council. In addition, a nine-member Council Executive is elected by students and staff to represent the students’ voice in the decision making processes of the school.

‘The most powerful leadership tool
you have is your own
personal example.’

John Wooden

Kids working together at Hillbrook

Informality with Dignity

‘One of the great things about being part of the Hillbrook community is its relaxed and respectful approach to ceremonies. From our early years

there has been a belief that this appinformality with dignityapp is a significant contributor to the quality learning and community building that takes place within our school.

Some schools may often feel very formal, but I believe that when informality and dignity come together we achieve deeper connections. If we consider what appinformality with dignityapp might look like, then relationships founded on: ethical behaviour; respect; real meaningful connections; and understanding and care, would surely be key descriptors.

And if understanding and cooperation arepractiseddaily, without formaldistance of position and hierarchy, then relationships will be even more immediate, powerful and real for students and staff.’

– Geoff Newton (Past Principal)


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