Our Ecological Footprint

Hillbrook Environmental Footprint

Hillbrook has a very strong philosophy when it comes to the footprint we leave behind. Our aim is to:


Whether it is in the school grounds or when our classes go on camp or participate in Outdoor Education days.

We aim to leave our land in the best shape we can for future generations. The Traditional Custodians of this land cared for it and nurtured it and we, the current custodians, must leave this land in the best possible shape for future generations.

It is up to everyone of us here at Hillbrook to do our part to minimise our ecological and environmental impact as much as we can, and to restore as much balance as we can to the land where we learn and work.

Green Initiatives

Circular Economy

Environmental Club

Land for Wildlife

Compostable Tuckshop

Creek Regeneration

Native Bees

Sustainability Day

Bin hubs are located all around the school and our students are responsible for putting their rubbish in the correct bin. The SRC reguarly play “what bin does it go in” on Assembly to help educate all students.

Downloadable Bin Signs

Are you confused about what items you can recycle? What are soft plastics and what is a landfill only item? We have some handy signs we use around the school and thought we’d share them with you. Please share, download and use. Everything you can do to help reduce landfill is going to reduce your footprint, and that is great for everyone.

Soft Plastics sign

Landfill sign (note this is for Brisbane City Council area only)

Recycling sign(note this is for Brisbane City Council area only)

Rubbish Audits

We have a very active and passionate group of students in the Environmental Club which both Damian Larkin and Ginnese Johnston work with. They conduct weekly audits on the rubbish to make sure we are using the right bin and not contaminating reusable material. Below you can see them conducting the most recent soft plastics and compost audits. Like we said … they are very passionate about rubbish and disposing of it correctly.

Ready to Enrol?

Choosing your child’s secondary education is a big step in the life of a parent. If you are ready to take that step you can start your application now, however you don’t have to complete it all in one sitting. Once you start, it will be uniquely saved for you to return and complete when convenient.

You can also find out more about our enrolment process, including our Enrolment Policy and Entry Year Guide.


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